Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Good "digital" practices

Digital Citizenship-Random thoughts

A video clip that caught my attention.

Dancing on knives.

         This video is about a girl who danced on knives because she believed that it would help her get rid of the evil spirits inside her which caused her much suffering.

·      Different people use different ways of dismissing evil spirits.·      The girls had to enter a trance in order for the ritual to work.·      When one enters a trance, it is easier to control pain.

Places I like to go in Singapore

View Places I like to go in Singpore in a larger map.
           In the map are some of my favourite places. They are places which intrigues me. For example, the architecture  and the many varieties of shops available there.       EG:  JCube is a shopping centre which is designed by Benoy, the same award-winning firm that designed ION Orchard. It boasts an Olympic-sized ice rink, Jurong’s first IMAX theatre and also offers extended-hours dining options. 

About me (I)

All about me

             My name is Tiara! This explains the picture of the tiara. My favourite sport is floorball. I especially love to create crafts.
I also love listening to k-pop! My favourite k-pop band is Ft Island.
                                     My favourite colours are Pink, Black and Purple. I am really hardworking because I believe that if I work hard enough, I will be able to achieve my goals.       I enjoy talking to people. It’s great to have friends! Here is a hyperlink to my Picasa album. Please click on the link below.                                                            My Picasa web album